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Bringing Sparkle Back, First Floor, Wizu Workspace, The Leeming Building, Ludgate Hill, Leeds LS2 7HZ

© 2019 Bringing Sparkle Back. 

"I sincerely hope my appreciation for your help over our sessions is clear, I genuinely spoke from my heart for the first time in my life. Your understanding, openness, empathy, acceptance and colourfulness radiates from you and is inviting and endearing. I have found a new way to embrace who I am and accept where I am at this time in my life and as a result I can see a way forward that involves pleasing MYSELF not others. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you which in turn has kicked started my journey into finding me and rocking my boat."

"I'’ve thought a lot about whether to do this post on Instagram or not but I felt it was important to openly thank someone that’s been HUGE influence in my life this last few months.This amazing lady Catherine @bringing_sparkle_back is a psychotherapist and business coach who I’ve been working with. Over the last few months she’s not only transformed the way I think but helped me set my life on a different course.

In a massive period of change in my life, embarking on a new career path (or trying to!) Catherine has helped me understand where I was being held back and more importantly she’s shown me HOW to change that.

Fear of being judged, perfectionism, feeling like an outsider and needing to be control have been automatic thoughts that have impacted my choices. It left me constantly feeling like I wasn’t good enough and stopped me doing what I wanted to do. 

Catherine has shown me in a tangible real way how these thoughts had been living my life for me- I had no idea! But better than that she has shown me how to rewrite my story and replace thoughts with MY own rules and it’s like magic!

Catherine isn’t just a psychotherapist, she genuinely offers life transforming change. I don’t say this lightly. Thanks to her I’m now in control and living my life my way and that for me means choosing a different path. I’m now training to be a psychotherapist myself and I’m so excited for what the future holds.

Therapy isn’t just if ‘there’s something wrong’, it’s something EVERYONE should do. I can’t recommend Catherine enough. If you’re at a crossroads, feel stuck, fed up of anxious thoughts or just want to be doing more with your life. PLEASE get in touch with Catherine It will be the best thing you do."

Thanks from the bottom of my heart Catherine.

"My experience with Catherine has been life saving, quite literally, before going on this journey with her, there were times when I was seriously considering ending it all. After years of suffering with depression, anxiety and OCD, getting it all out in the open, understanding the why of my thoughts and actions, having someone understand what I was going through, I have finally gotten to a place where it no longer controls my life, I’m in control now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Thank you for helping me to see the light again in what felt like a very dark world"

“I'll be disappointed not to get an opportunity to say thank you to you properly. Honestly, if I'd only had the option of speaking to a stuffy intellectual psychotherapist or a timid un-sparkly one I don't think I'd have sought any help at all. I needed someone who inspired me themselves - so thank you. Thank you for your support. If I could afford to pay for this kind of support forever - I would! But I feel that now at least I know what I'm aiming for and I'm feeling so much more connected to myself again now after a very strange couple of years.”

"I can't thank Catherine enough. When I first came to see her I was anxious and a tearful wreck. Catherine has given me all the tools to not just sparkle, but make me feel like I can SHINE BRIGHT which isn't something I could have believed before. 

I just wish I had found Catherine sooner - if you're considering therapy, then see Catherine. You won't regret it and its worth EVERY penny".

"My brief to Catherine when I first went to see her was that I'd been through a rough time and I needed her to help me to move my life forwards. I looked forward to my sessions with Catherine, knowing that each time I left I felt a bit stronger and more focused. Catherine seems to have an uncanny ability to see straight through people! Which means you can't hide anything from her.


She doesn't give you sympathy she makes you see a way of dealing with whatever is going on in your life in a positive manner. It is empowering to feel that you can deal with what life throws at you and to do it without the need for others to get you through it. 


Following sessions with Catherine I feel less vulnerable and a stronger much more focused person. She also made me move on from my past which is so liberating. Catherine is a fabulous lady and has had such a huge impact in improving my mindset and the way I run my life. I cannot thank her enough!"

"Catherine was recommended to me by a close friend that knew I had been struggling. My friend had sung her praises and told me Catherine had changed her life. At that point in my life I had nothing to lose and would try anything to get out of the dark hole I was living unhappily in.

I struggled with depression and anxiety for 16 years and have been pushed around the mental health system on various counselling programs and anti depressants, to no avail. My husband and I agreed any amount of money was irrelevant when it came to my mental health and we were willing to take the risk as we had exhausted every other avenue.


After just a few sessions with Catherine I started to see an improvement, and now I have 'graduated' therapy, I can honestly say the dark cloud has been lifted. I am finally able to enjoy my life, and am finally allowing myself to take care of me. 


That phone call to Catherine to make my first appointing changed my life, and I can't thank her enough for helping me get myself back"

"Thank you so much for the transformational journey you facilitated over the last 12 weeks. I came feeling broken, highly anxious, mildly depressed, tearful, angry and unhappy to now feeling I have my sparkle back.


According to friends I even have a twinkle in my eye. You have a very practical, warm and instantly applicable approach which means tangible shifts from the outset of therapy.


I am leaving in a much happier place with the tools and mindset to apply in all aspects of life. Thank you.

"I came across Catherine when looking for some help for my young adult daughter who was struggling with anxiety and panic. After meeting with her, I sensed straight away that her professional, logical, but caring approach and the relaxing surroundings she had created would put my daughter at ease and in the best position to be open to help.


After only one session I saw subtle differences in the way my daughter reacted to certain events.


After only four sessions she was a different girl. She's had another face to face session and telephone consultations from time to time to keep her on track, but Catherine has been honest in saying when she doesn't feel this is necessary. She has also kept me informed and reassured without breaking any confidences. My daughter is so much more positive, self aware and better able to handle setbacks now.


It's reassuring to know that "Bringing Sparkle Back" is there, should we need it again. For any mums or daughters out there considering whether this may be something that could help them, I'd recommend  taking advantage of the free first half hour consultation. I'm so glad I did!"

"I have tried numerous different methods over the years in regards to my mental health and finding help to get my happiness back. I stumbled across 'bringing sparkle back' by accident and got in touch for a consultation, not knowing what to expect! I've had 8 sessions with Catherine, they have been an incredibly intense emotional roller coaster but she has helped teach me some amazing skills which I know already I'll apply to my daily life and thoughts, forever.


I'm not just saying this but I do genuinely feel like a different person, like I can see through the clouds that have engulfed me for so long, after so so many years of being hidden amongst them.

I'm so glad I decided to give this a try, it's the best investment I have ever made in myself and I now feel like the old me, which has been in hiding for so long thank you once again.


I feel like a new me in a way, like I've only just scratched the surface of what I'm capable of achieving and there is no stopping me now! .

"When I first saw Catherine’s posts on FB and instagram I immediately felt drawn to finding the “sparkle” that I had lost somewhere along the line.  I was a bit nervous to get in touch but followed silently for quite a while. I was a 40 something living a life that looked very different to how I imagined it would by this time in my life. 


There was no significant other or the babies that I always thought I would have and since my twenties I think I had put life “on hold” somehow waiting until it looked like I thought it should. Of course by doing nothing, nothing changed. I was also battling with thoughts and feelings from events in the past and felt unable to move on with life because of them.


By the time I contacted Catherine I realised that life was just happening to me rather than me taking a full part in it. Running my own fitness business had just become stale and I was aware that I wasn’t leading by example in my thinking or in my physical day to day life - my sparkle had gone. From the very first meeting, I felt that Catherine really understood me, something I hadn’t really found in anyone else before. Though my therapy sessions with Catherine, I have realised that I can change how I think about my life and that ultimately has meant that my outlook is so much different.


There is still no significant other and the babies haven’t turned up yet but its ok. I am important to me again now, I matter and I sometimes need to put myself first.  Life might throw me a curve ball or two but I can handle everything life throws at me, even if it means I get hurt every now and then.  Life is brighter and sparklier than it has been for a long time, and the good thing is that that is rubbing off on the people around me.


Thank you so much Catherine for your support and help (and at times patience!) in helping me to see things differently and giving me the confidence to move forward."

"What can I say? I didn't think I had any sparkle to bring back but I found it in my sessions with Catherine!


Over our 10 sessions I have not only grown & gained strength but I have found I do have sparkle & I feel equipped to go out & shine for the first time ever!I cannot recommend Catherine enough. After 11 years of struggling with issues & being passed through the NHS system, Bringing Sparkle Back has been the only thing that has worked for me. The sessions are so empowering & I have not encountered such a knowledgeable person as Catherine before!


She has opened my eyes, tackled & knocked down my personal barriers holding me back & help me piece together a new story, FULL of sparkle!


Thank you Catherine Xx"


"The dictionary definition of Sparkle:


"Glitter, glisten, twinkle, dance, shine, gleam, glow"

“A soft slightly wavering light”

“A shimmer is small and sometimes weak and in danger of going out, but it’s often there all the same and often beautiful”


I felt like my shimmer was in danger of going out, if not that it already had. Then I went to see Catherine – who makes you feel welcome, relaxed, and listens. Who is supportive, professional and compassionate.


As a 56 year old woman, who puts others needs before my own, who has experienced some traumatic life events, that sometimes reared themselves in my memory, allowing me to dwell on the past, I often felt lost, lonely and invisible to many, not really worth anything, negative, unable to make choices and decisions.


These were my thoughts and beliefs, which were not helping my behaviour.


Catherine helped me take a different look at all these areas of my life, I have had counselling before, but this was a whole new experience.


I now feel like I am a nice person, worthy of been loved, flaws and all and that my needs are just as important as others. I am on a journey called life and Catherine has helped me to find the beliefs and rules to enjoy this journey, not to just exist as I was.


I now, thanks to Catherine feel like I now can also sparkle again, with vitality, life and spirit, and that I deserve happiness and I have the strength to make choices in my life, to make this happen.


Thank you Catherine x"

"When I made my first appointment to see Catherine, I was extremely anxious about therapy and scared to open up to anyone…I was so used to shutting people out and trying to cope on my own. To be honest I almost didn’t go, I’m so glad I did! Once I met Catherine, her friendly, open, professional, caring and extremely trustworthy approach to therapy put me at ease, and I found myself able to talk about everything and anything.


I hadn’t realised just how negative and how irrational my thoughts and behaviour were, but thanks to Catherine I’ve learnt how to combat my negativity and to completely shed my life of the comfort blanket of compulsions that I’d created along the way. I’m a much happier, more confident woman in all aspects of my life; even on the harder days with the techniques Catherine has taught me (particularly “The Superwoman”) I find that I can finally begin to push past the negatives that I never could before.Without Catherine I could not have achieved any of this, throughout my therapy she has been the guiding light I needed to get me out of my very negative dark hole. I can’t thank Catherine enough for everything, she has helped me to find a sparkle that I didn't know I ever could have, I will be forever grateful for all of her support and guidance.


Catherine is a truly sensational woman, her therapy has been life changing for me and I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need support and someone to talk to."

"My experience with Bringing Sparkle Back has been of great benefit to me. Catherine was brilliant and I am so happy I finally decided to give therapy a try. Before therapy I didn’t realise how widely my negative thoughts were affecting every aspect of my life, and how they would continue to do so if I didn’t try to understand where they were coming from. I will always have to work hard at it, but feel better placed to do so now with the life skills Catherine has given me through therapy.


It is like a weight has been lifted of which I never realised how heavy it was until this experience. Catherine listened to me and I felt very comfortable opening up to her. She was very understanding and supported me immensely. We used theories to explain how I was feeling, related them to my life as a guide to look at how to change my mind set and overcome a huge amount of negativity.


I'd therefore recommend anyone who is considering therapy to see Catherine due to her professional yet empathetic approach. Thank you for helping me find my sparkle again and teaching me about how to pursue real happiness."

"I tried psychotherapy at a stage of my life where I had gone through some difficult and life changing experiences which had left me feeling completely lost.  Historically I suffered from depression, anxiety, guilt and had absolutely no confidence or self-esteem. 


I had tried various methods of help in the form of counselling and anti-depressants, but felt I wanted and needed to understand myself and find out why I felt the way I did. 


Cue Catherine, a glimmer of light (or ‘sparkle,’ if you will) at the end of a very dark tunnel.  


Despite being cautious and very nervous entering into psychotherapy, those feelings faded very quickly after the first session.  I didn’t know what to expect, or really what psychotherapy was, or how it could help me.  Catherine explained everything in a way that I understood and I opened myself up to the possibility that this could be for me. 


I put my trust in Catherine 100% which was very easy to do as she was not only trustworthy, but professional, caring, compassionate and confident in her abilities to treat me.  I followed her guidance and slowly but surely started to understand myself for the first time in a long, long time.  It was by no means an easy journey but one that I welcomed with every passing week.  I developed tools to counteract the negative thoughts and behaviour that had shaped my thinking and became very much a ‘work in progress’ to a better me.


I have found my sparkle again thanks to Catherine’s guidance and patience.  Whilst my psychotherapy journey with Catherine maybe over, my own journey is far from complete.


I would recommend psychotherapy to anyone who is feeling lost and wanting to find themselves again.  Catherine truly has been inspirational and life changing."

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